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Jan 17, 2017

THE ADVENTURE CLUB In theaters and VOD on Feb. 10

Ricky with his friends, Sandy and Bill, call themselves "The Adventure Club."

Local legend has it that Ricky’s grandfather once found an ancient puzzle box that when opened would grant the holder a series of wishes.

One night Ricky, stumbles upon a hidden drawer in the attic and inside he finds a skeleton key and a map. Could this be the adventure Ricky and his club mates have been waiting for?

The Adventure Club will soon find out.

Opening on February 10 on demand and in these theaters:
Atlanta - AMC Sugarloaf Mills
Chicago - AMC Woodridge
Dallas - AMC Stonebriar
Detroit - AMC Southfield
Kansas City - AMC Barrywoods 
Orange County - AMC Orange 30
Philadelphia - AMC Cherry Hill
Phoenix - AMC Arizona Center
San Francisco - AMC Deer Valley
Tampa - AMC Veterans

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