There's No Trip Advisor for this Adventure, THE BABYMOON

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Gravitas Ventures Acquires Comedy-Adventure Sets Worldwide Debut on Digital and VOD on Feb. 14

"The Babymoon," an adventure-comedy film by award-winning Writer/Director Bailey Kobe, has been acquired for worldwide distribution with Gravitas Ventures and set for digital and VOD release on Feb. 14.
ba·by·moon (bābēˌmo͞on) noun: 
A relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.
Born out of the phenomenon of expecting parents taking elaborate vacations in the weeks prior to the birth of their first child, and becoming "Bad Moms" and dads. 

This funny movie is the story of one couple's prenatal holiday that takes a hilarious turn when they accidentally travel to a country that is undergoing a political revolution. 

It features a fantastic ensemble cast including Julie McNiven(Mad Men, Supernatural) Shaun Sipos (Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place), Jessica Camacho (Dexter, DC Comics/CW's The Flash), Michael Steger (90210, True Blood), and Phillip Garcia (Scandal/ Telenovela).
"Gravitas couldn't be more pleased to release 'The Babymoon' and work with an authentic, unique voice like Writer/Director Bailey Kobe," Dan Fisher, Sr. Director of Acquisitions from Gravitas Ventures, said. "With real 'Babymoons' exploding in popularity among real couples, we're delighted to bring this timely, funny and touching adventure, starring a great young ensemble cast, to audiences."
In a fragile relationship, a husband tries to impress his pregnant wife, with a luxurious babymoon vacation to the most beautiful, exotic, Instagram–able, country on the planet, but quickly learns that the country is undergoing a political revolution.

Instagram: The_Babymoon 
Twitter: @TheBabymoonFilm

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