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Photo Courtesy of Halcyon SF
Written by Jesus Figueroa

A new part of Thisfunktional.com is the Travel section and with it Points of Interest. What better way to kick it off with the innovative Halcyon SF.

Halcyon is more than just a night club, it a location for the community.

Coming up on Feb. 3 is the first ever Heist Recordings label showcase in the US, w/Detroit Swindle, Adesse Versions and Nachtbraker.

For more info on the event check out: ticketf.ly/2j17UHc.

Halcyon SF is the latest venture of nightlife and restaurant veteran Gina Milano, who pushes herself to bring new innovative recreational spots that people can enjoy not just at night but throughout the entire day.
"I've been working in the nightclub industry in San Fransisco for 25 years now and I think many places get pigeon hold into a Friday-Saturday business model," Milano said. "It's obvious more lucrative to do different things, but it's also a better way to serve the community and a better way to showcase local talent, local artist and be creative."
Milano started off working as bartender in the early days of the house genre music in San Fransisco.

Being a bartender she was able to meet many of the big DJs and develop a relationship, which would lead to what she calls her love affair with music.
"I started going to Miami for the winter music conference, Ibiza and all these cities to check out their nightclubs and dance scene," Milano said. "Whenever I would travel I would come back to San Fransisco with new ideas."
Each nightclub, restaurant and lounge Milano was involved with became a representative of what she saw trending in the nightlife culture around the world.

Halcyon became a way for Milano to be more creative, try different things and be inclusive of the entire culture and community.

As Milano traveled around the world to visited other clubs and take in the clubbing culture, she was enticed by the how many clubs were bringing in more artistic and used lighting and visual to make things unique each night.

Milano wanted to make something that was crazy, fun and exciting so that not just she could enjoy herself more, but the people in attendance could be thrilled by the experience as well.
"There's not many venues in San Fransisco that are performance oriented. There are many alot of corporate work for (performers)," Milano said.
With Halcyon, performers have a home to dance on Friday and Saturday and then put on performances which they can do weekly dance routines, choreography and costuming or engage the people in attendance and teach them dance moves.

Daytime events such as day-breaker dance parties, which are alcohol-free, dance lessons, yoga and other events to be inclusive of everyone who would want to attend.

Halcyon SF is also LGBTQ+ friendly and a safe spot for everyone to enjoy every day of the week with more than just nightclub events.
"Every week we start new construction and then we clean up. We call it the 'Friday Frenzy.' Clean up Friday night for the night club. Then back to working on stuff the following week," Milano said.
Address: 314 11th St, San Francisco, California, 94103
Phone: 415.890.4828
For bookings, please contact bookings@halcyon-sf.com

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