@Thisfunktionsl Talks with Burt Dalton DEEPWATER HORIZON

12:49 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Special effects supervisor Burt Dalton talks with Jesus, @Thisfunktional of Thisfunktional.com, about working on "Deepwater Horizon."

Dalton talks about the challenges the special effects team faced with the sets,the collaborative process it was to make the movie look the best it could and what he enjoyed the most about working on this project.

"Deepwater Horizon" is out on Blu-Ray and DVD Jan. 10.

If you want to win your copy of "Deepwater Horizon" keep a look out for thisfunktional's contest coming soon, it may start on social media first so be sure to follow @Thisfunktional everywhere, ThisfunktionalLA on Facebook.

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