24: LEGACY Bring another Intense Day to FOX

4:24 PM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

An exciting new season of "24" brings a new main character to light.

No more Jack Bauer taking the helm, no more Keifer Sutherland playing the main character.

This time ex-military Eric Carter takes control, Corey Hawkins said he isn't trying to replace Sutherland, he is trying to make a new hero.

Hawkins was thrilled to be a part of "24: Legacy" because he grew up wanting to see more people like him playing the hero on TV and he hopes many people can turn on the TV and see someone they can relate to doing positive things.

The similarities between the original series and the new series can be seen, but this series comes from a new perspective.

The writers were adamant that this is the origin story for a Counter Terrorist Unit agent and starts much earlier than where people found Bauer in the first season of "24."

"24: Legacy" premieres on Feb. 5 after Super Bowl LI with an episode full of action and a short re-introduction to CTU in Los Angeles and some major introductions for some fantastic characters played by incredible actors.

"24: Legacy" continues on it's regular night, Mondays, on Feb. 6 with episode 2.

Check out some photos from Savannah College of Art and Design's (SCAD) 5th annual aTVfest:

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