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Feb 3, 2017

Thisfuntional Review: WITHDRAWN Never Finds Focus, Slamdance 2017 selection,

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The scatter-brained characters in "Withdrawn" leave confusion in the minds of audiences instead of delivering a slice-of-life view into the rough life after college for main character Aaron.

Aaron, played by Aaron Keogh, struggles to find his place in the world and through it all tries different ways to make money and survive.

Keogh seems to be all over the place and never settles into a grove. The way he seems so distant from reality makes it difficult to connect.

The story leads to several illogical moments with friends and roommates.

Aaron seems so out of touch with reality that the lead in to the climax of the movie gets lost and seems dragged out.

The ending comes with a quick simple fix to a chaotic movie which doesn't find a focus.

I give this Slamdance 2017 selection 1 out of 5 Popcorns. There's coming of age movies which capture universal messages which resonate with the audience, or makes the audience care about the main character by presenting background which is compelling, but "Withdrawn" seems to miss every opportunity to do so. There may be people who can relate to this movie.

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