DON'T BE BAD in theaters this April

1:37 AM

Italian film "Don't Be Bad" takes viewers on a journey which has ups and down and so many more twist and turns than expected.

Vittorio and Cesare are “brothers for life.”

A life of excess: nights at the disco, powerful cars, alcohol, and drugs. Searching for a new life, Vittorio meets Linda and in order to save himself, distances himself from Cesare, who is spiraling out of control.

But their bond is too strong, and when they meet again Vittorio tries to help his friend find work and live a normal life, with hope of a brighter future together.

The Italian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards, "DON'T BE BAD" opens in theaters April 7and releases on VOD May 23.

In Theaters April 7 and on VOD May 23

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