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Mar 4, 2017

Given The Right Tools We Have The Power To Break Our Bad Habits And Addictions

People don't plan to fail. 

They start out with the best intentions to break their bad habits or addictions … but then 'life' happens and those good intentions go right out the door. 

Addiction affects people from every walk of life ― from top celebrities to professionals, to the guy that sells newspapers. 

Peter Sacco, noted psychologist, author and radio show host, has probed into the addictive mind and developed life-changing tools that can empower anyone to break bad habits and addictions. 

He shares years of research and experience in two very powerful books "Right Now Enough Is Enough! – Overcoming Addictions And Bad Habits For Good" and "Breaking Those Damn Habits and Finally Getting Things Right: The Handbook to Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination and Keeping Positive Changes Coming."

Whether it's anger, addictions, or constantly choosing the wrong partners, knowing why we pursue self-destructive behaviors is a crucial step in learning how to change it. 

Right Now Enough is Enough! encourages readers to look within to get to the root of their problems and gain a clearer understanding of the changes they need to make. 

Used alone or as a supplement to proven support groups such as AA and NA, Sacco's resourceful book offers a practical approach to better mental health and a simple, self-help manual to making the right decisions for a different outcome.

Any habit has the potential to become addictive – even procrastination. 

What starts as a habit can over time become an addiction, and then a lifestyle that inhibits people from realizing their goals. 
"People can literally procrastinate about procrastinating,” Sacco said.
Once a person becomes habituated and/or addicted to procrastination, they get derailed from their intended objective. 

It's possible they use procrastination to avoid anything they perceive as unpleasant, hurtful or might result in failure. 

This can have very damaging emotional and psychological consequences. 

"Breaking Those Damn Habits" helps readers recognize and resolve the underlying problem that keeps holding them back so they can set their intentions and ultimately bring about lasting, positive change.

The acclaimed author of "Right Now Enough Is Enough," Sacco's self-help guide for overcoming addictions of all types combines Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) with the law of attraction. 

In "Why Keeping Resolutions Are So Ridiculously Difficult! The Handbook To Understanding And Overcoming Procrastination" Sacco again explains that procrastination is a habit that can become an addiction, and how it is out of control in our culture – as are the bad habits and addictions which are its by-products.

In addition to being an author of many books and more than 800 magazine articles, Sacco is an award-winning lecturer at universities in both the USA and Canada, specializing in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions and mental health. 

He is also a frequent resident expert on several television programs and appears regularly as a guest expert on many news talk radio shows in the USA (FOX, ABC, CBS, Iheart, Coast To Coast, etc.), as well as hosting the weekly radio show "Matters of the Mind: Managing Relationships and Mental Health.” 

He is also an award-winning executive producer and host of documentaries on relationships, psychological issues and child issues.

To learn more on Peter or his work, please visit: http://www.petersacco.com.

Available at bookstores and all online outlets:
Right Now Enough Is Enough - Overcoming Addictions And Bad Habits For Good
Book Locker Publishing
ISBN-10: 162141891X
ISBN-13: 978-1621418917

Breaking Those Damn Habits and Finally Getting Things Right: The Handbook to Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination and Keeping Positive Changes Coming
DoctorZed Publishing
ASIN: B0194DR056

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