Los Angeles Premiere of CARDINAL X at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

12:54 AM

Inspired by true events from writer/director Angie Wang

Raised by her strict father in an urban neighborhood, Angie is accepted into a prestigious university in the early 1980s. 

The sudden jolt from hardship to privileged campus life proves to be a challenge. 

When her financial aid is cut, she uses her book and street smarts, along with the schools resources to synthesize the growing popular drug, Ecstasy. 

Angie becomes one of the west coast's largest distributors of 'X,” cutting deals on campus and in posh nightclubs. 

Her dual life as the Asian 'model minority' coed and profit-driven drug dealer is further complicated by her desire to help Bree, a girl from one of the bay area's most infamous ghettos who reminds her of her own dark past. 

Angie lives the high life until her recklessness instigates a sudden tragedy from which she may not recover.

  • April 30, 9:15pm at Downtown Independent, 251 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 
  • May 3, 4:30pm at CGV Cinemas 2, 621 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90005
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