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Apr 7, 2017

Radio Program IN YOUR RIGHT MIND Explores the Evolution of Depression in a New Broadcast on 790 AM KABC

"In Your Right Mind," a weekly behavioral health radio program that features in-depth roundtable discussions of today's behavioral health headlines, aired an educational show, "Delving Deep into Depression" on April 3, at 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Talk Radio 790 AM KABC in Los Angeles.

The broadcast discussed the evolutionary nature of depression, its impact on mental health, and how it has become a major health issue for people age 15 to 44 in the United States. 

The show was hosted by Dr. Tonmoy Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of Sovereign Health, who provided in-depth medical and clinical expertise, and Program Producer and co-host Kristina Kuestner.

One of Sunday's panelists was Nancy Joseph, PhD. a licensed psychologist who currently serves as the site training director at Sovereign Health of San Clemente. 

Dr. Joseph specializes in the delivery of empirically supported therapeutic interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and motivational interviewing. 

Another panelist was J. Anderson Thomson, M.D., a psychiatrist in private practice who is the staff psychiatrist for Counseling and Psychological Services at the Department of Student Health at Elson Student Health Center at the University of Virginia

Dr. Thomson's expertise is in evolutionary psychology and exploration of the cognitive and evolutionary basis of religious belief.
"The basis of depression is an evolved function even if measurable," Dr. Thomson said. "If depression wasn't an illness, then you'd have a normal functioning system that isn't broken. But when we get depressed our attention is the problem, we can't feel pleasure, concentration is reduced, and the amount of sleep is increased. Our findings show that cognitive behavioral therapy works well in treating many of depression disorders."
For those who would like to follow the broadcast, the show is available on demand at InYourRightMind.com.

 For questions, contact communications@inyourrightmind.com.

One factor that differentiates Sovereign Health from other treatment providers is its ability to offer separate mental health and addiction/dual diagnosis treatment programs at its facilities. For more information, visit sovhealth.com.

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