Santa Cruz Duo Cruzmatik Releases Single CRAZY GIRL

1:09 AM

New Single from Upcoming Album "4 Seasons" Premiered on VEVO

Santa Cruz duo Cruzmatik released a music video for their first single "Crazy Girl," from their upcoming album "4 Seasons," which premiered on VEVO.

This track is available on iTunes.

Rapper and producer Reggie Stephens (“Famouz”) first gained musical notoriety for collaborating with Jon Bon Jovi and David Bowie, sampling two of their songs on his own tracks for his debut album Ghetto Passport which was released in 2007.

In addition to Bon Jovi and Bowie, Famouz has worked with Ice Cube, E-40, DJ Unk, Bun B and Rankin Scroo.

Singer and songwriter Jason Williams (“J-Willz) was the lead singer to popular surf/reggae/rock band Ribsy’s Nickel for 12 years, sharing the stage with bands like Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, The Chop Tops, Fishbone, and The Expendables. Jesse Corona, guitarist for Ribsy’s Nickel, plays the ukulele in Crazy Girl.

These two artists have been friends since playing basketball together at Santa Cruz High School.

They continued their athletic lifestyle after school, Famouz having a career with the New York Giants and J- Willz enjoying the sports of snowboarding and surfing.
“Reg and I write songs about our life experiences, and we definitely have had relationships with some crazy girls,” J-Willz said jokingly. 
The video was shot by Vinny Minton from Imperial Productions and directed by Cruzmatik.

It features a cameo from pro surfer Chad Underhill Meras which was filmed by Dave “Nelly” Nelson, a legendary surf photographer and film maker.

Visuals of the beautiful waterfront of Capitola Beach and the popular Santa Cruz Beach Flats neighborhood will be shown throughout their video.

"4 Seasons" will officially release during late summer 2017.

Chad Underhill Meras is not the first professional athlete to star in Cruzmatiks music videos.

Super Bowl champion Brendon Ayanbadejo starred in Clouds (2014) and MMA Fighter Luke Rockhold starred in Motivate (2013).

Coming from Santa Cruz, you can expect their music to have a beach party sound. Famouz and J-Willz emulate the artistry that is the Santa Cruz community in their high energy beats and feel-good vibes.

These two lifelong friends blend together their unique styles to create music that appeals to fans of all music genres.

Justin Dublin Beats is the main producer behind their sound.

Follow @Cruzmatik on Instagram and Twitter to get updates on the official release date for "4 Seasons."

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