ScareLA's Halfoween means Pre-Sale Tickets at Half Price

2:22 AM

Written by Jesus Figueroa

There's something spooky coming 
to the Los Angeles Convention Center

Pre-sale for ScareLA, the summer halloween convention in LA, starts their pre-sale half way to halloween. Sign-up for ScareLA's newsletter to get updates first.

Not only has ScareLA brought Halloween to summer, Aug. 6 and 7, but it has brought it to the heart of Downtown LA.

This year's theme will be Monsters Come Together and proceeds will help support wild predator conservation.

There's so many fun things to do, creepy things to buy and classes to take at ScareLA. It's not just for those looking to get ready for Halloween early.

The fun events will be announced soon sign-up for ScareLA's newsletter and be notified of all the great events as they are announced.

A secret pre-scare link and codes will be shared with e-mail subscribers first so check your inbox.

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