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Apr 6, 2017

SCREAM QUEEN STREAM - Baby Food Challenge

Written by Jesus Figueroa

"Scream Queen Stream" with Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff with special Guest Lisa Ovies decide to torture their tastebuds by taking a winner takes nothing BABY FOOD CHALLENGE.

Check out the gagging and disgusted faces which ensue.

At the very least you get to see three grown, beautiful women trying what seems to be some of the most disgusting organic vegetarian friendly baby food, which Heather Dorff bought.

Each baby food container is either a single ingredient, two ingredient or three ingredient meal which mothers feed to their children.

The challenge was to guess as many of the ingredients in the containers. Each correct guess earned one point and there is no penalty for an incorrect guess.

Who guessed the most correct? Who had the funniest response? Who found a loophole to the way they guessed?

Check out this funny "Scream Queen Stream" and find out.

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Find Scream Queen Stream On:

Hosts: Jessica Cameron & Heather Dorff
Special Guest: Lisa Ovies
Editing: Heather Dorff

Equipment used: We shoot on our Iphone 6sPlus, using small LED Lights, and Procam 3.

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