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Apr 14, 2017


Written by Jesus Figueroa

It's that time of the week again, "Scream Queen Stream" with Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff brings a Go Kart Challange.

Find out if Cameron got any of her champion race car driver father's talent, although she is a self proclaimed bad driver in real life.

See Heather Dorff get competitive, find out how many times she did what she had to do to get to first place.

And the loser of the challenge has to sing a snippet from Sir Mix-alot's "I Like Big Butts." Who had to sing it? Watch the "Scream Queen Stream" and find out.

This is definitely a fun video, watch these two beautiful women slam into walls, wipe other drivers out and see how the guys react to being beaten by a girl.

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Hosts: Jessica Cameron & Heather Dorff
Special Guest:
Editing: Heather Dorff

Equipment used: We shoot on our Iphone 6sPlus, using small LED Lights, and Procam 3.

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