SEVEN LOVERS, a Wonderful Character-Driven New York Story, Available Now

11:55 PM

"Seven Lovers," starring Erin Darke and Fran Kranz, follows the story of Laura, a young librarian/nightclub singer trying to navigate the endless complexities of love, lust, and dating in contemporary New York.

In a fractured kaleidoscope of genre and emotion, we watch seven of Laura's romances play out in a series of interwoven vignettes - with each of her lovers laying claim to a very specific cinematic style.

From glamorous black-and-white musical to gritty documentary, from crude animation to rapid-cutting montage, Laura's lovers take her on a journey of joy, pain, and self-discovery - and it all builds up to one defining choice.

Filmmaker Statement:
"Seven Lovers began life as a pure stylistic conceit. I wondered what it would be like to tell a story in a wide variety of genres - and I wondered what kind of story could possibly lend itself to such a scattershot approach. I knew I wanted the narrative and the genre-switching to complement each other, instead of seeming awkwardly grafted together. And the idea of a woman changing her persona as she moved from lover to lover struck me as the most natural fit. I hope 'Seven Lovers' resonates with people's own pain and hopes and disappointments. I hope it reminds people of their friends and their sisters and their exes and themselves. I hope people come out of it feeling a little more hopeful, a little more joyful, and maybe a little more understood. Above all, I hope people enjoy it. After all, a movie is a movie - and if it's not fun, then what on Earth is the point?" - Keith Boynton
Seven Lovers is currently available to rent or buy on:
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