AFTER LOVE Opening Theatrically in NYC, LA, SF in August

7:42 PM

From the director of Our Children Joachim Fosse, comes "After Love," the story of Boris (Cédric Kahn) and Marie (Bérénice Bejo), a couple who have decided to separate after 15 years together.

They have two girls that they adore, but tensions rise as cash-strapped Boris continues to live in the family home. Neither of the two is willing to compromise, making their apartment a war zone.

AFTER LOVE captures with great magnitude, the painfully intimate, harrowingly drama, emotional and financial complexities of a separation, at the end of a long love story.

Opening Theatrically on August 9 in New York (THE QUAD) and on August 25 in Los Angeles (LAEMMLE ROYAL) 
and San Francisco (4 STAR CINEMA) 
with a National Release to Follow

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