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Jul 25, 2017

ANNABELLE: CREATION makes a Stop at ScareLA with VR Experience

Watch Annabelle's VR trailer and experience a visit
to Bee's Room VR

This cinematic paranormal VR experience places you in the haunted bedroom of a child, where you are trapped in a game of hide-and-seek with Annabelle.

Objects come alive as you move through the creepy three-dimensional 360° space, while a possessed demon named Bee hunts you from dark corners.

This on-rails experience offers no escape as you are pulled toward the closet to come face-to-face with your greatest fear.

Can't catch the VR experience at ScareLA, find it at a location close to you:

Texas at Cinemark Plano
July 29 - 29

Atlanta at Parkway
July 28 - 29

Los Angeles at ScareLA
August 5 - 6

August 5 - 6

Los Angeles at the Premiere
August 7

Los Angeles at L.A. Live/Orange x
August 11 - 13

New York City at Alamo BK
August 11 -13

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