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Jul 14, 2017

Flip Flop Shops®, Rainbow® Sandals Make History

Retailer known for curating the hottest brands and latest casual footwear styles, collaborates with iconic sandal brand on exclusive style

Flip Flop Shops' most anticipated style of the year was set to release July 14, as the Rainbow Sandals "Founder's Edition" drops in shops across the country.

The limited edition sandal was co-designed by Rainbow Sandals founder Jay "Sparky" Longley and Brian Curin, an original founder of Flip Flop Shops, and will be available exclusively at Flip Flop Shops locations.

The style's updated take on Rainbow's iconic design will make it an instant must-have for Rainbow fans and sandal lovers.  
"This collaboration has been nine years in the making and marks Rainbow's first exclusive style with a retailer," Curin said. "Flip Flop Shops and Rainbow Sandals both enjoy enthusiastic followings and Rainbow aficionados have even been known to build collections devoted to the brand. We have a tremendous amount of respect for Sparky and the whole Rainbow team and could not be more excited to bring this new edition to Rainbow devotees and Flip Flop Shops fans."
The Flip Flop Shops' exclusive, limited edition style brings a fresh take on Rainbow's iconic sandal silhouette.

Navy blue and beige pinstripes are paired with Rainbow's popular Sierra Brown premium nubuck leather, adding a nautical element to the brand's signature style.

The sandal is available in men's and women's versions.
"Brian and I worked hard to develop a color scheme and design that would stand out within Flip Flop Shops yet maintain the natural look that Rainbow Sandals are known for," Longley said.
Longley's quest to create the world's best sandal began in 1972 with a sewing machine and scraps of rubber.

Several years of hard work and refinement led to the creation of a durable sandal that looked good and felt great.

Rainbow Sandals are created by hand to this day, with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that continue to define the brand.

Flip Flop Shops added Rainbow sandals to their roster of casual footwear in 2008 and has since become a destination for Rainbow fans across the globe.

This year, Rainbow became a core brand at the retailer, ensuring that a full assortment of Rainbow styles and colors will be available year-round at every Flip Flop Shops location.

Fans can also visit shops through August 14 and enter for a chance to win a trip of a lifetime to Rainbow's factory in San Clemente.

They will get a behind the scenes look into the history of Rainbow Sandals and design and make a pair of custom pair of their own.

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