Aug 30, 2017

The Guild of Automotive Restorers Launch Web Series

As the stars of the hit Discovery Velocity series “Restoration Garage,” the team at the Guild of Automotive Restorers are used to fielding comments from fans.
“Love the TV show, but I want to see more of what you do.”
Well, the Guild has listened and they are proud to present their new web series “The Guild’s Garage.”

“The Guild’s Garage” represents a chance for the Guild to show the fans what happens behind the scenes of the show.

Taking you through an entire restoration project step by step, and passing on the tips and tricks the Guild have learned in over 30 years of restoration experience.

Every aspect of the process will be shown and explained in detail.

From the time the project rolls into the workshop, to the moment it sweeps back into the world a masterpiece, the Guild’s own on-site film crew will allow fans to get up close to a restoration like never before.

The fact that the TV show has so many dedicated fans means that the Guild felt duty bound to give back to a community that has been so kind to them.

By actively encouraging constructive feedback they hope to tailor the series to what the fans want, in the same way they do for their customers.

By passing on the secrets and tricks of the trade, the Guild hopes to inspire a new generation of craftspersons to carry on the work and keep this skill.

New episodes will release every Monday, keeping the viewers up to date with what’s happening at the shop.

Most shows will be roughly 5 minutes, but will run longer where more detailed instruction is required.

The Guild hopes that this new web series will be as warmly received as the TV show and they can continue to education and entertain for many years to come

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