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Sep 2, 2017

A Look into the Ressurection of Taylor Swift, Release of First Single LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO

"I’m sorry the old Taylor can't come to the phone...
Why?! Oh, because she's dead..."

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift evolves her musical style once again to a darker pop with new single "Look What You Made Me Do" from upcoming album "reputation."

This is not the the same Swift fans have come to know through out her successful career, to this point, but unlike most the change excites me and I can't wait for her 6th studio album "reputation."

With Swift moving forward from the success of her 5th album "1989," which had a traditional '80s pop sound, a strong angry pop style emerges.

If the single is any indication to what the rest of Swift's 6th album has in store, fans can expect a major change and an evolution in sound, but the pop genre evolves as well.

Swift's 1989 World Tour had many special guest take the stage with the pop sensation.

Taking risks has defined Swifts career, with a start in a romantic country style and moving on to a pop style which cemented her into one of the best pop artist of today.

The sound of her "1989" album made her the queen on top 40, with songs like "Style" and even two versions of "Bad Blood" and even the once disliked "Shake It Off."

With yet another evolution is style, and attitude, Swift showcases even more musical talent as she releases a new single that's different from previous work in many ways, but continues her strong vocals.

Proclaiming the death of the old Taylor, this new fierce Swift seems to be more outspoken and no longer willing pull her punches or be placed in the victim role.

Although this single gets me excited to listen to the entire album, and to find out if the darker theme continues throughout, I'm more excited to find out how Swift takes this change and makes it her own, much like she has done in each evolution.

"Look What You Made Me Do," is available on iTunes and all streaming outlets.

"Reputation" is available for pre-order on iTunes, Target, TaylorSwift.com and Walmart.

Two Unique and Collectible Magazines created by Swift will be available exclusively at Target on Nov. 10 and for pre-order online immediately at target.com/TaylorSwift.

Each collectible edition (Volume 1 and Volume 2) of reputation magazine will include 72-pages of:
  • Personal poetry and photos 
  • Artwork by Taylor 
  • Handwritten lyrics 
  • Behind-the-scene photos from the "Look What You Made Me Do" video shoot 
  • Exclusive poster 
Standard "reputation" CD will include one of five double-sided exclusive posters.

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