Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles: ST. VINCENT: FEAR THE FUTURE

12:33 AM

October 7 @ Paramount Pictures Studios –
New York Street Backlot

Annie Clark, AKA St. Vincent, is an icon worth believing in.

With a deep interest in the interconnectedness of humanity, her work nevertheless inspires contemplation of the cracks between us.

She explores emotive ballads, upbeat pop arrangements and experimental spaces alike, incorporating postmodern guitar solos and electronic pulses that display a sweetly sinister sensibility.

A Grammy award-winning artist who is critically acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic, she has collaborated with artists ranging from David Byrne to LA hip-hop producer Sounwave.

St. Vincent also recently released her signature Ernie Ball Music Man guitar, and made her directorial debut with a short horror film "The Birthday Party."

Her fifth album "MASSEDUCATION," is due October 13.

Pronounced “Mass Seduction,” the album represents an exciting new direction for her sound.

"St. Vincent: Fear The Future," presented as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, is a collaboration with Willo Perron that will bring the forthcoming album as well as previous St. Vincent material to life in technicolor.

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