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Oct 31, 2017

Iggy Pop on New RBMA COUCH SESSIONS Podcast


Red Bull Music Academy Podcast Series Featuring Essential Conversations With Today’s Most Notable Music-Makers


Punk Icon Featured In New Episode, Available Now

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Red Bull Music Academy returns to Berlin in September 2018 for the 20th anniversary of its annual workshop and event series. 

Leading up to the event, the Academy is digging into its archives to present some of the best lectures from previous editions in downloadable audio form via Couch Wisdom, the recently launched podcast series featuring essential conversations with today’s most notable music-makers.

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Details on previously released episodes with Björk, Moodymann and more, can be found below. 

Look for new Couch Wisdom episodes in the coming weeks with synthesizer pioneer Suzanne Ciani, Grammy-winning rap and hip-hop producer Che Pope and one of electronic music’s most important early figures, the late Pauline Oliveros.

Browse the full Red Bull Music Academy lecture archive at redbullmusicacademy.com.


Watch New Embeddable Video on "Couch Wisdom" Here

Over the last three decades, few musicians have matched Björk’s electrifying output and restless reinvention. In her lecture she offers thoughts on her long and multifaceted career, how intuition drives her recordings and DJ sets and what utopia means to her. Available via all platforms now

Audio engineer Alex Tumay discusses working with Young Thug—one of the brightest and weirdest talents in rap—and how Atlanta’s new generation struck gold with a unique new sound. Available via all platforms now.

Tanya Tagaq’s take on Inuk throat singing is a fiercely innovative fusion of old and new. In this episode, Tagaq discusses how the country’s untold history of human rights abuses has influenced her music and beliefs. Available via all platforms now.

Moodymann is one of the most enigmatic figures house music ever bred. Despite his refusal to play the press-and-promo game, his voice has been among the loudest when it comes to preserving the rich heritage of Afro-American music while fighting the industry powers that be. Available via all platforms now.

James Mtume may have crafted iconic LPs with Miles Davis, but it was his transition to R&B master that really set him apart. His duo with Reggie Lucas was an unstoppable force through the ’80s, and after decades of serving hit after hit, most notably the sampled-to-death “Juicy Fruit,” Mtume opens up at the Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014. Available via all platforms now.

Iggy Pop was punk before punk even existed. The Stooges created some of the most potent rock music the world had ever heard, and his high-wire collaborations with David Bowie are the stuff of legend. In this conversation from Red Bull Music Academy 2016 in Montreal, the icon discusses his illustrious career and more. Available via all platforms now.

Created in the early 1960s, the Buchla synthesizer revolutionized electronic music, but few have pursued its emotional and sonic possibilities as comprehensively as Suzanne Ciani. In her lecture at the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy, the Grammy-nominated artist and electronic-music pioneer recounts her lifelong relationship with the synthesizer and its inventor. Premiering via TuneIn First Play on Nov. 3 and available via all platforms on Nov. 6.

As the chief operating officer of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label, Che Pope is one of the most influential figures in US rap and hip-hop culture. In his lecture from the 2015 Red Bull Music Academy in Paris, the Grammy-winning producer breaks down about what it means to work intimately with West, the labor of love that was working with Lauryn Hill and the ruthlessness of the hip-hop industry. Premiering via TuneIn First Play on Nov. 10 and available via all platforms on Nov. 13.


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