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Oct 28, 2017

Jaunt To Feature EYE FOR AN EYE Horror VR Short for Halloween from Writer-Director Elia Petridis of Fever Content

"Eye For An Eye: A Séance in Virtual Reality," has been picked up by the Jaunt VR App and will be featured across all major VR mobile platforms, as well as on the Jaunt YouTube channel in its "360-Degrees of Horror" playlist, special for Halloween. 

The project dropped on October 26.

In the veins of classic horror storytellers like Lucio Fulci and John Carpenter, Writer/Director Elia Petridis tells the story of a group of friends who attend a seance to try and find a missing friend. 

Unbeknownst to them, however, their psychic medium is in contact with the vengeful, eyeless soul of a child named Marcus, who was brutally murdered. 

He can only pass to the next realm by finding, and forcefully taking, an appropriate set of eyes.
“At Fever Content we’re very fond of this piece,” Petridis said. “It’s a sentimental reference to how our love of VR began as compared to how fast it has grown and the pure potential we’re reminded of everyday as the technology and art evolve."
“Eye for an Eye” is Elia’s example of the importance of crafting meaningful stories in virtual reality by creating content that's designed to be immersive. 

Using strategies such as positional audio, green screen technology, real actors, and much more. 

"Eye for an Eye" was one of the first 360 VR experience to explore the realm of live-action VFX, and it continues to stand out for it's innovative use of classic techniques to seamlessly integrate practical effects with digital imagery.
Elia also insisted on elevating the art form to the level of cinema by pushing for the same quality of post-production as a film, and "Eye for an Eye" was one of the first VR experience to be both professionally color corrected and to receive a full ambisonic orchestral score. 

The spatialized audio was created using one of the earliest incarnations of Dolby Atmos, helping to push the integration of that tool professionally as well.

Previously, Elia wrote and directed "The Man Who Shook The Hand of Vicente Fernandez," the last film to star Hollywood legend Ernest Borgnine. 

Following the film’s success on the international festival circuit, Elia turned his attention to VR. 

Petridis' company, Fever Content, is also led by renowned executive producer Craig Bernard. 

As a VR creative agency for major clients, Fever Content handles every step of content creation, from pitching and market strategy, through production.

Team members have previously worked with clients including Bruno Mars, Tiesto, Avicii and Chromeo. 

Through its future projects, Fever Content has its sights set on revolutionizing VR as a storytelling medium.

Check out the VR short here.

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