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LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Nov 30, 2017

Performer Raymond-Kym Suttle Gains More Opportunities In Hollywood

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The skillful performer Raymond-Kym Suttle goes beyond acting and dancing, his talents also include writing and choreography.

With several projects in the works, Suttle pushes forward in his career trying to be involved with projects that have a purpose or can cause change.

Although being an actor since playing Peter Pan at age 12, many of his opportunities to put his performance skills to use came once Suttle moved  to Hollywood.

“I had a thousand fold more auditions here (in Hollywood) than I had in the UK,” Suttle said. “I did more work in the first year I was here than in the 23 years I was in London.”

Since moving to Hollywood, Suttle has had the opportunity to act, write, produce, choreograph and perform on stage.

As a traditional trained actor Suttle is able to be more adaptable to the roles he goes for. Suttle is flexible enough to embody any role.

Most actors in Hollywood take classes, but rarely have extensive training.

Suttle said while in London he wasn’t acting as much because his English accent wasn’t as good as he thought it was, despite both his parents being British.

“When I got to London, everyone kept asking ‘Are you from Australia?’” Suttle said. “I had to work on my accent.”

Being able to take criticism and work on changing has been easier for Suttle because he has traditional training.

With a traditional background it seems that Suttle has been able to adapt to roles, change the way he portrays a character and take direction better.

“Having training is no guarantee of anything, but it sure as hell makes it easier to deal with different forms,” Suttle said.

Suttle has had work performing on stage as a burlesque dancer, but captures the audience’s attention with the choreography as well as including political messages in each performance.

The thrills of having an audience react to a performance makes Suttle enthusiastic about each performance.

“I love live performance,” Suttle said. “I love the response from a live audience.”

While Suttle enjoys the stage, stage performances are fleeting from memory while film and television are there to be seen forever.

Suttle will continue to try and do as much as humanly possible in all areas of entertainment — theater, film and TV.

“My personal goal is to do as much as I can in all the fields,” Suttle said.

Not only does Suttle feel that the art of performing should be entertaining and attention grabbing.

The performer also should be using their platform to relay a message to their audience.

“I’ve always had a strong sense that it takes alot of time and effort to create something, to craft something good,” Suttle said. “If you are doing it to get famous, it’s never going to work for you.”

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