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Nov 13, 2017

Valerie McCaffrey’s DIRTY BOMB To Debut Nov. 17 As One Of Three Original Short Films

WWII/Holocaust Short to Launch at Invitation Only Event

"DIRTY BOMB," one of the great but largely untold stories from WWII, is about Jewish prisoners who manipulated the German’s V2 bomb, causing it to misfire at the cost of their lives will launch on Nov. 17 as part of an evening of three original short films.

The event will take place at Laemmle’s Ahrya Fine Arts Theater, 8556 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

McCaffrey wrote the script, is producing and directing the project.

Recently, she produced a film called "LOST AND FOUND IN ARMENIA" with Jamie Kennedy and Angela Sarafyan, a cancer documentary "CANCER, IT’S IN THE SYSTEM" in which she co-directed and co-produced with Cindy Pruitt and produced an award-winning film entitled "NEO NED," starring Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Renner.  

The short film stars Los Angeles based actors James Babson (THE WORDS), Israeli-born actor Ido Samuel (FILL THE VOID), and J. Michael Trautmann (SHAMELESS).

The film was produced by Jennifer Tung, Stefan Simon and Brian Kelly Jones.

Executive producers include Peymaneh Rothstein, Emad Asfoury, and Robert Shaye.

Mikael Sharafyan was the costume designer.

The film’s score was composed by Alan Derian (MADAME SECRETARY).

From April 1994-2000, McCaffrey held the position of Vice President of Feature Film Casting for New Line/Fine Line Films.

During her tenure at New Line/Fine Line, McCaffrey cast scores of films, developing strong relationships with all major talent agencies and management firms.

Among the many highlights of her career, she cast Edward Norton and Eddie Furlong in New Line Cinema’s "AMERICAN HISTORY X" which Edward Norton was nominated for an Academy Award.

She also cast BABE which garnered James Cromwell an Oscar nomination for his performance as the pig farmer produced by George Miller.

Other shorts showing that evening are "REMEMBER THE SUN," directed by Tim C. Szabics and produced by Jennifer Tung, and "CHAMELEON," directed by Trevvor Riley.

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