Dec 27, 2017

The Unconventional Love Story Of THE SHAPE OF WATER

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Writer-Director Guillermo Del Toro brings to life “The Shape of Water” a story that’s human and relatable while celebrating the imperfections of each character.

Although the story revolves around two unlikely romantic leads, all characters are fully developed and have their own stories being told around the main story.

Del Toro said it would have been impossible to make this movie without loving it profoundly.

Michael Shannon and Michael Stuhlbarg said that there’s heart and compassion in the story.

Actress Octavia Spencer said that it’s a beautiful story that’s grounded in a real time period which help get the audience to believe in this wonderful story.

The story changed everything for Doug Jones because it has been the most beautiful role he had ever played, it was different because he had to be the romantic male lead who never says a word and who is a monster.

Del Toro said, this story talks about the way we treat others, the way people look at one another. Monsters are the embodiment of compassion and understanding.

Each character plays out their own story and are all moving through their own lives while being symbols of love. Spencer said that her character Zelda, like every other character in the story, is an extension of Eliza.

The story in its entirety is fantastic and Del Toro’s culmination of his career, a masterpiece.

Jones said that he was fascinated with the monster because he doesn’t talk and there for the mister doesn’t lie because touch doesn’t lie.

Jenkins said that it’s a beautiful story that shows how you don’t choose who you fall in love with and that Del Toro took the to write human characters that audiences will easily connect with.

Spencer was a fan of Del Toro and was thrilled to get the opportunity to work on such a project that every character could have been taken out and made into their own mini story.

Through it all Del Toro is thrilled to have made a film which is his love letter to cinema and to love. He said the essence of love is to know and embrace imperfection, and the essence of fear is to seek and control imperfection. This movie makes you believe in love.


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