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Jan 26, 2018

Netflix Releases Season 2 of ONE DAY AT A TIME on Jan. 26

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Netflix’s “One Day At A Time” season 1 ended with an emotional finale, but the cast was thrilled to have a season 2 to further dive into their characters.

Season 2 premiered at the Arclight in Hollywood on Jan. 24 with the cast thrilled to be on the red carpet and anxious for people to watch this new season.

Lead actress Justina Machado talked about having the show be relatable to a wide audience, not just Hispanics.

The show may follow a Hispanic Family, but each character has real characteristic which anyone can find some of themselves in.

The characters have their imperfections and their level of Hispanic as well as their generational divide.

Machado’s character Penelope, being the mother, is both trying to conserve her heritage while stepping out of culture gender roles to be the best parent she can be to her kids.

Isabella Gomez’ character Elena, the daughter, is still trying to figure herself while figuring out her heritage as well. She doesn’t speak as much Spanish as the rest and has a sense of identity which doesn’t quite fit in with her Hispanic culture.

Gomes said that she was thrilled that she had the opportunity to play such a strong character who is going through a turbulent time in her life. She is looking forward to exploring more of her character and seeing how she continues to grow.

Marcel Ruiz’ character Alex, the son, has his own identity and tries to bring his family together. As the youngest of the family he also has a long road ahead and his own struggles to get through, both with friends and family.

Rita Moreno’s character Lydia, the grandmother, is trying to keep her heritage alive in her family. She has a broken English which has a comical side.

Moreno said she was happy to represent such a character who is both funny and caring.

“Jane The Virgin” star Ivonne Coll guest stars on an episode and was thrilled to be a part of season 2 and is happy to see how far Hispanics have gotten since the premiere of “Jane The Virgin,” although there’s still much further to go.

Season 2 of “One Day At A Time” is now streaming on Netflix.

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  1. I just start to watch season 2 and really TV show is so funny. I really enjoyed this TV show. One of my friend suggest him about this TV show and really TV show became my favorite series. I love to watch full episodes.


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