Ethereal Post-Rock Duo Midas Fall Unveils BRUISE PUSHER From Forthcoming EVAPORATE Full-Length

11:59 PM

Scotland-based ethereal post-rock duo Midas Fall - Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn - will release their fourth album "Evaporate" on April. 27. 

Produced and recorded by Heaton, "Evaporate" shimmers with a dark, gothic grace, conjuring stunning soundscapes at every turn

In advance of Evaporate's release, the band has unveiled opening track "Bruise Pusher," a visceral display of ferocious beauty which alternates between Elizabeth Heaton's delicate vocals and a savage cacophony of guitar, drums and synths, manifesting a disconcerting atmosphere.
"'Bruise Pusher' is about living in a volatile environment, constantly anticipating the underlying tension erupting into something hideous and unsettlingly familiar," Heaton said. "The song started with just a simple piano melody, so to develop the track we used a lot of guitars with rumbling, saturated reverbs and gradually added heavy synths to create textured, expansive choruses."
Hear "Bruise Pusher" at alongside the previously-released title track and "Soveraine."

MIDAS FALL's "Evaporate" will be released worldwide by Monotreme Records on April 27 on CD and digital formats, as well as a limited pressing of 500 LPs on 180-gram vinyl (200 black and 300 clear blue/black).

For preorders, visit

Combining elements of electronica, post-rock, and alternative with progressive and gothic undertones, MIDAS FALL has over the course of their existence carved a distinctive and captivating sound, creating taut, shimmering soundscapes led by the hauntingly melancholic vocals of Elizabeth Heaton - a sound described as, "powerful yet fragile, devastatingly beautiful and beautifully devastating" (The Founder Magazine).

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