Find Hidden Golden Tickets To See AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR

Jesus Figueroa
Key Collector Comics, a free app for Apple and Android phones, invites comic book fans to take part in a digital scavenger hunt through the world’s most comprehensive mobile database of valuable comics in search of five, hidden Golden Tickets, happening now. 

Those who are the first to find a Golden Ticket and click ‘want’ to claim it, will be awarded two passes to see Avengers: Infinity War, in theaters April 27.

For participants who discover a ticket that has already been claimed, they may enter for a chance to win The Infinity Gauntlet, the classic six-issue Marvel mini-series that tells the story of the Mad Titan, Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet to take on Earth’s mightiest heroes.
Winners who find a Golden Ticket will be sent two movie passes via email. 

The winner of The Infinity Gauntlet six-issue series will be selected April 27 and notified by email.

To find a Golden Ticket, users will have to download the free app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and navigate through character 1st appearances, origins, classic story arcs and iconic covers that comprise the database of over 8,000 highly collectible key issues. 

While hunting for a ticket, fans will uncover the history of comic books told through the milestone issues that shaped the genre. 

Examples of the information in Key Collector Comics include:
  • Famous Funnies No. 1 (1933) – 1st comic book sold on newsstands
  • Marvel Comics No. 1 (1939) – 1st comic book published by Marvel Comics, then called Timely Publications (officially named Marvel in 1961)
  • X-Men No. 103 (1977) – 1st mention of Wolverine’ s real name ‘Logan’
  • Superman No. 75 (1993) – “Death” of Superman
  • Deadpool No. 27 (2014) – Current record-holder for most characters on a comic book cover with 224 heroes and villains
  • Batman No. 24 (2017) – Batman asks Catwoman to marry him
“With the popularity of comic movies today, I wanted to create a resource for interested fans who want to get involved in collecting but become quickly overwhelmed by how many individual issues that are out there, 99 percent of which are worthless,” Key Collector Comics owner Nick Coglianese said. “The Golden Ticket giveaway is a fun way to let people know that the app exists and encourage them to go to a comic shop or antique store and seek out the finite and fragile articles of American pop culture history that Key Collector Comics has identified.”
Key Collector Comics also features direct access to which comic books inspired upcoming films and movies currently in theaters. 

Fans can learn who is cast in what roles, the comics in which the characters made their first appearance and links to movie trailers including "Deadpool 2" and "Avengers: Infinity War."

Key Collector Comics can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store (4.8/5 stars) and Apple App Store (4.9/5 stars). Or visit

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