LLUVIA DE VERANO New Single from Double Latin Grammy Nominee EL B

6:36 PM

El B releases his new single across all global digital platforms.

"Lluvia de Verano" (Summer Rain), is a track that serves as a love letter and a declaration of respect and affection.

Originally released exclusively on video via the artist's YouTube channel on February 14, the song is a clear Valentine's Day message reflecting an attitude that is maintained every day of the year.

In a basic translation of his lyric, referenced above in Spanish, the artist lyrics express, "Like a beam of light coming through a window, you entered my heart without asking to illuminate a dark corner of my soul. If the air brings your scent, breathing is worthwhile. You brought all the happiness in the world to one solitary man; what people call love, I call it by your name. Because I love you unconditionally, it's as simple as that, without explanation; that's how matters of the soul are, words have no place and only the heart can understand."

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