LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series

LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Mar 3, 2018

SwagLife Universe Releases Debut Video SLACKTIVIST

Parodying The Political Correctness Movement

Darvin “D-Roq” Roqway satirizes the political correctness movement in a funkadelic debut rap video

SWAGLIFE UNIVERSE, a new Los Angeles-based entertainment imprint, releases its debut music video.

Recorded and performed by rapper Darvin “D-Roq” Roqway, “Slacktivist” is a satirical jab at political correctness and social media activism.

Roqway, whose irreverent and humorous style has drawn comparisons to Eminem, makes his debut for SwagLife Universe in a video that’s sure to get fans on both sides of the political spectrum talking.

Roqway first got the idea behind “Slacktivist” during his time at Wesleyan University, one of the country’s most notoriously politically correct campuses.
“I had an epiphany my junior year at Wesleyan, and it wasn’t that veganism is cool,” Roqway said. “I realized that a lot of the supposed ‘activism’ I saw from my peers wasn’t really about changing the world for the better. It was about bullying people with different views into seeing the world from a single, politically correct perspective… I thought it was very anti-intellectual. ‘Slacktivist’ is my way of demonstrating what I thought of a lot of the activism I saw during my time there.”

“Slacktivist” is the first release a four-month long rollout, where the SwagLife team will release a song or music video every Wednesday on the official SwagLife Universe YouTube channel.

With its roster of unique artists, the channel is poised to bring viewers and listeners as fresh take on modern hip-hop and dance music

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