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LETTERS TO NO ONE: A Creative Writing Blog Series
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Mar 2, 2018

THE RIVERAS Return to NBC Universo with Season 3 Full of Personal Dramas, Growth

Written by Jesus Figueroa

A special screening of "The Riveras" Season 3 premiere episode was shown before The Rivera family talked about the situations which can be expected during the season on Feb. 27.

Each family member revealed that the premiere episode is only a small fraction of whats to come in the rest of the season.

Chiquis Rivera said that during this season her eyes were opened to how much she had been engulfed in work and neglected her family and herself.

In the months before the premiere, Chiquis had been absent from social media, which she said was because she needed to take time for her family, for her self and her relationship with God, instead of always on her phone and busy with work.

Johnny said that throughout this season he got to explore his artistic side and worked on trying to find his voice as a musician.

With Johnny having a public life, where he announced his love for his partner on social media for the entire world to see, and his emotional graduation is part of the premiere episode, he said he has never been happier and he was so in love.

Jacqie has a big reveal in the premiere episode and continues to pursue her dreams.

For season 3, it seems that Jacqie's news affects the entire family.

Jenicka continues building her social media media and talked about the season having her trying to decide if she should venture into being a plus-sized modeling.

Michael said this season has him trying to be a good father to his daughter as his sister Jenicka moves out and back to lives with Chiquis.

The premiere episode is a good look at some of the big themes for the season.

Season 3 Premieres March 11 on NBC UUNIVERSO

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