Bishop Briggs Realizes a Dream by Performing on Amoeba Stage

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Bishop Briggs took the Amoeba stage to promote her debut album "Church of Scars" by performing several of her songs before being joined by Nathan Willett from Cold War Kids to perform their collaboration "So Tied Up" on April 25.

The performances came before a meet and greet with fans who bought her debut album at Amoeba Music.

Performing her hit "River" was one of the best performances of the night, but "Water" had to be the unexpected highlight.

"Water" is the track which is a standout on the album due to is symbolism and emotional lyrics which connect with the listener. The powerful vocals on the track were accentuated well by the acoustic guitar live on stage.

Briggs' excitement showed as she spoke between songs about her journey in Los Angeles, from performing around town to recording her debut album and keeping her day job of babysitting while moonlighting as a performer, and acknowledging that the family she was a babysitter for was in the audience and how grateful she was for all their support.

Checkout some photos from the show:
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