Artist Kathryn Silvera Creating Fun, Happy Art with Heart

Artist Kathryn Silvera is creating fun and happy art with heart for clients across the globe.

Based in Chico, California, Silvera discovered her love of art at a very early age.

 In 2012, Silvera made the decision to pursue her passion into adulthood by creating her colourful business Kathryn Silvera Art
 “While I started my business in 2012, it was just this year that I started selling fine art prints,” Silvera said. “I always knew I wanted to expand my business and felt this was a great way to do so.”
Silvera creates an array of fun and unique pieces, including angel wings, deer with crystal antlers, dreamlike Bohemian forests and fine prints. 
 “My goal is to bring fun, joy filled art to your home, with the ultimate goal of making you happy,” Silvera said. “Each time you walk by your favorite piece, it will lift you up and give you that extra dose of happiness each day.”
What sets Silvera apart from other artists, however, is her passion for the outdoors and sustainable projects. 

To help make a difference in the world with her art, Silvera donates 5% of her proceeds to the Ocean Conservancy. 
“When creating new pieces, I use sustainable/recycled products in my art,” Silvera said. “With this, combined with my love of the outdoors, I felt it was important to incorporate the Ocean Conservancy into my business plan. They’re amazing.”
On her website, Silvera has released stunning, new art prints available for pre-order. 
“I’m really excited about my new prints,” Silvera said. “In this collection, I think there’s a little bit of something for everyone.” 
 Shipment will take place in June.

For more information about Kathryn Silvera Art, or to order one or more of her beautiful pieces, please visit her website at