Psychedelic Rapper Challenges New Jersey's Cannabis Laws in New 420 Song

Jesus Figueroa

New Jersey Hip-Hop artist, Mindz I, releases song titled "S.W.E.D." (Smoke Weed Every Day)

Mindz I, a psychedelic rapper and producer known for his new wave mix of Rock, Rap, & Electronic Music, has released a new album titled "iAwake." 

Among the unique songs of this 9-track album is one song titled "S.W.E.D." which stands for Smoke Weed Every Day. 

In this song, Mindz I clearly states his views towards New Jersey's current marijuana laws by stating "Everywhere I go I blow my smoke in the air, I know that it's illegal but I just don't care."

New Jersey might be seeing new leniency towards the use of marijuana in the Garden State during 2018. 

The New Jersey legislature held its first hearing on cannabis since Governor Phil Murphy, who supports legalization, replaced Chris Christie as the governor of New Jersey. 

Governor Phil Murphy said he hoped to legalize recreational cannabis in New Jersey.

After the arrest and incarceration of the "NJ Weedman" and the closing of his cannabis-friendly restaurant located in the capital of New Jersey ironically named "The Joint," New Jersey has been in the spotlight on the subject of legalization of marijuana. 

The adjacent NJ Weedman's Liberty Bell Temple III is a registered cannabis temple, its members are both medical and spiritual users of cannabis. 

Edward "NJ Weedman" Forchion is currently in custody on a remaining charge of witness tampering.

The use of cannabis as a spiritual sacrament dates back to ancient times. Mindz I states that the use of cannabis and its psychoactive ingredient THC, helps open the third eye or mind's eye. 

He claims cannabis can be used as medicine for many people and with New Jersey's high opioid abuse rate, it can be an aid for some people to help with overcoming opioid dependency.

Mindz I has recently started a YouTube Video Gaming channel called High Scores where he does cannabis-friendly video game walkthroughs and reviews. 

He has live streams on Twitch, Mixer and has a 420 series called Let's Play Stoned on YouTube. 

You can purchase the new Mindz I album and the single "S.W.E.D." on his website, iTunes, YouTube and most digital and streaming platforms. 

Check out the "S.W.E.D." audio/visual video here.

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