SOUL OF RUIN, BODY OF FILTH By Pennsylvania Doom/Death Industrial Hybrid Abjection Ritual Out Now Via Malignant Records

"Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth," the new album by Erie, Pennsylvania-based doom/death industrial duo ABJECTION RITUAL, is out now through Malignant Records.

Stream ABJECTION RITUAL's entire "Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth" on

With "Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth," ABJECTION RITUAL emerges as a far different beast than on prior recordings, now fully untethered by genre constraints and conventions; a vast progression from past releases, incorporating guitars, bass, and a live drummer into their arsenal. 

In doing so, the band has crafted a far more diverse, idiosyncratic vision, while retaining the atmospherics of heavy electronics and industrial ambience for which they're known throughout the scene. 

Like a hybrid of Enemy Of The Sun-era Neurosis, early Swans, Godflesh, IRM, and Khanate, merging with the caustic doom sludge of Halo and Indian, the album is a diverse and eclectic journey which features guest appearances by Rennie Resmini (Starkweather) and author Christopher Ropes, and artwork by Jef Whitehead (Leviathan).

ABJECTION RITUAL's "Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth" is out now through Malignant Records on all digital platforms and a six-panel digipak CD; stream the entire album via Bandcamp and place physical orders on

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