VIXEN DEVILLE: REVEALED to Premiere at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018

Jesus Figueroa
Written by Jesus Figueroa

Cat LaCohie brings her persona of Vixen DeVille to the Hollywood Fringe festival in a much more exposed way for her first solo show "Vixen DeVille: Revealed," with six shows in June.

"Revealed" will bring together the skills and talents which Vixen brings to the stage and combines story-telling and comedy to bring LaCohie's story to the stage as well.
"The vibe of this show is not a showcase of 'look how amazing and skilled I am' the vibe is 'look at the journey I've made - you can do it too,'" LaCohie said. "There is more stand-up/storytelling involved in this show than in any other show I've been part of  - I'll be also looking at the injury I had in 2016 which prevented me from doing aerial for a couple of years and my goal right now is to finally perform aerial during the show for the first time on stage since the injury."
The audience interaction of Vixen's performance gets increased from mere smashing of bottles for walking on glass to full on teaching of some of Vixen's on stage talents like fire eating and glass walking.

"Revealed" becomes an intimate view at not only Vixen but also at LaCohie and puts both personalities on stage for the audience to get to know.
"All my other stage performances have usually been modified in someway to fit the vibe or theme of the show in question," LaCohie said. "This solo show is totally me doing my thing with no restrictions."
LaCohie and Vixen are two parts of the same person, just layers off the same person and LaCohie said she didn't create Vixen as much as she discovered her and let her out.

Not only does Vixen show signs of LaCohie on stage as time progresses, but LaCohie notices Vixen slipping into her everyday person.
"When I first started it was more like the actor Cat turned up at the venue and became Vixen backstage and then played that role on stage.," LaCohie said. "I think is was a safety net for me to have when I started out, as the idea that I was playing a role, freed me up to do and say more things on stage than if I was going out there as Cat."
The Hollywood Fringe Festival will provide LaCohie with a chance to debut her solo show and for the audience to experience both sides of the talented Los Angeles-based British performer.

As much as "Vixen DeVille: Revealed" will show a whole different side of Vixen, it will reveal LaCohie to fans of Vixen as well.
"I like that these days it's not a switch on and off it more just turning the volume up and down," LaCohie said.
LaCohie hopes to be able to take this show across the pond to her home, the United Kingdom, but first she hopes that she is able to lean on the loyal friends and fans that have gotten to know and enjoy the burlesque shows of Vixen.

Premiering the show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival means being able to cross over from the free style of burlesque to a theater form of storytelling and perfect a show among a comfortable mix of audience members while staying local.
"Launching it as part of the Fringe means that, at the same time, I get to expand my work out of the burlesque crowd and into LA's theatre crowd so I'll be introducing my work to a ton of people who have never heard of me," LaCohie said.
Tickets for "Vixen DeVille: Revealed" will go on sale at the Hollywood fringe site on May 1, but pre-sale tickets are already available on

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