Actress Daniela Vega Find Herself Giving a Spectacular Performance in A FANTASTIC WOMAN

Jesus Figueroa

Written by Jesus Figueroa

Daniela Vega started off being a consultant for director Sebastián Lelio, who was unsure if he wanted to undertake the making of "A Fantastic Woman."

Lelio said there was many reasons to make this movie, but this story was so emotional, had so much beauty and had such potential that resonates with current times, that he needed to be sure he was prepared to fully take on the project.

Once getting Vega to help him fully comprehend what the project entailed and how relevant it was to the times, the role of Mariana became extremely important to get just right.

Since Vega helped create such a complex character, Lelio believed that no one could do justice to the part like Vega could.

Leilo said that it was spectacular getting to know Vega to get the right inspiration to make “A Fantastic Woman.” Through the process Vega was a consultant, but Lelio saw that Vega was the lead character Mariana.

Vega said she was happy to be the lead character Mariana because it felt natural to go from a consultant to the actress which played the character.

Even with so much knowledge as to who Mariana was, it wasn't the easiest to get into the complex mindset that it took to play the character correctly.

Mariana carried the story and it was still a process she had to create with director Lelio.

Vega said it was difficult to become Mariana because it was complex, but the challenge was exciting.

"A Fantastic Woman" is a gripping story which entices audience with a story that is timely and compelling.

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