Disney's PETER PAN Continues to Inspire as it Reaches 65th Anniversary

Written by Jesus Figueroa

A new generation gets to dive into the fantastical world of "Peter Pan" with the 65th anniversary Walt Disney Signature Collection available now on Blu-ray and digital.

Throughout the years the three main iconic characters have captured the attention of Peter Pan fans – Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and Tinker Bell.

Voice and live-action model of Wendy Darling Kathryn Beaumont and author and historian of Tinker Bell Mindy Johnson shared some memories of being charmed by the book and then being engulfed once again in the story when Disney made it into a feature animated film.

Beaumont said she was thrilled to work with Walt Disney Animation Studios because they were giving women proper roles with depth to their character in a time when not many studios were.

Many scenes from the movie have been paid homage to in different tellings of the story as well as when paying homage to the original, but the opening scene causes a younger audience to get full of wonder.

As Peter chases his shadow around Wendy's room coming to the climax as he finally meets Wendy the magical nature of the scene brings joy and curiosity to a young audience.

Johnson said that its easy for children to find the wonder in the scene because they are looking at it through fresh eyes and a young adventurous spirit, so even as it can become less thrilling for adults, there is still an incredible sense of magic and room for curiosity.

With such a timeless classic storyline such as Peter Pan which started off as a fairytale and continued on to a beloved animated film by Disney brings the story to different generations.

Even with the different tellings of the story, the essence and nature of the story continues on. It brings joy and a sense of wonder to children as well as a reminder to fans of the magical wonder the story presents.

Beaumont said that she had been brought up knowing the story and being a part of the history of Peter Pan was an honor.

Available On Blu-ray And Digital Now

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