#KeepTheExpanseAlive Fan-Based Grassroots Flyovers Set for May 15 at Amazon Studios HQ Santa Monica Beginning at Noon

12:49 AM

Fans have been taking Twitter by storm (and a number of additional social media platforms) drawing attention to SyFy's critically lauded primetime series "The Expanse" halfway through its season 3 new episodes as it looks for a new home beginning season 4. 

Fans have initiated a grassroots, independent national effort created the ultimate petition garnering 50,000 signatures in 4 days with one fan taking the effort to a step further and setting up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to fly a banner over Amazon Studios HQ in LA for their #KeepTheExpanseAlive campaign May 15 as below:

Amazon Studios HQ - May 15
1620 26th Street, Suite # 400-N; Santa Monica, CA
12-2pm first flight. 5-7pm second flight

The original goal was $6000 but the organizer was innovative and able to find a better deal for $3000. 

These core "Expanse" fans have more than exceeded that, it's currently well over $4000 and growing hourly. 

Link: gofundme.com/savetheexpanse-marketing

Finally, take a look at the biggest petition going around #KeepTheExpanseAlive Petition. It has 49,130 signatures. 

With other fan efforts for "The Expanse" also circulating the web, it's only a matter of time until the right home picks up one of the only primetime shows to earn 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The initial effort started on Reddit by Murilo Silva --> Link idea for balloon.

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