@DancesWithFilms 2018: World Premiere of Documentary PARDON OUR PIXIE DUST on June 11 at 2:45 p.m.

A documentary on homelessness in Orange County and how Disneyland contributes to the problem

Matthew Serrano and Richard Kroening are two Orange County student filmmakers with a short documentary on Anaheim and Disneyland playing at this year's Dances with Films at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

"Pardon Our Pixie Dust" is seeking further support in adapting the short documentary into a feature-length film.

Poverty wage, bought out elections and homeless workers.

The cost of making magic for millions of guests a year at Disneyland is a high one.

Right now, Anaheim and it's people are the ones that have to pay.

"Pardon Our Pixie Dust" is a short documentary covering the ongoing issues in Anaheim that are also happening today around the world.

Corporate greed has now caused Disneyland workers to live out in the streets of Orange County while Anaheim citizens pay off all of Disney's taxes.

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