#DancesWithFilms2018: SILICON BEACH LA premiere on June 16 at TCL Chinese Theater.

2:12 AM

"Silicon Beach" is a retelling of The Odyssey by way of an "unremarkable" actor who got cut from the hottest Netflix show.

Lost at sea and with no resume to grab hold of, Lucas takes a temp job at a LA tech startup called Roomie.

He is psychologically adrift, constantly struggling with his relationship to women.

Ultimately the connections he makes with his eccentric coworkers are what bring him back to shore.

Set and shot on the brink of the 2016 presidential election, Silicon Beach is a story of millennial malaise turned to disillusionment.

Lucas and his coworkers' experience echo our national denial of reality in favor of a narcissistic illusion.

June 16 at 9:30 p.m.
TCL Chinese Theater

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