NY LGBT Leader Outraged at Congressional Candidate Using Fake Gay Profile On Dating App To Recruit Voters

Jesus Figueroa


David Kilmnick, President and Chief Executive of the New York LGBT Network expressed his outrage at Suraj Patel, challenger to incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney for creating a fake profile on dating apps, including Grindr, in an attempt to recruit supporters. 
“On the day of NYC Pride, where hundreds of thousands will be brave and courageous coming out as their true authentic selves for being LGBT, Suraj Patel’s actions are unethical and demonstrates he’s out of touch with issues that LGBT people face every day. These dating apps are designed to be safe spaces for LGBT people to meet one another,” Kilmnick said.
The LGBT Network, which operates its Queens LGBT Center in this Congressional District located in Long Island City, sees these actions that Patel has taken to be dangerous. 
Kilmnick said, “The creation of fake profiles and to ‘pretend’ to be LGBT to reel people in, is nothing more than total dishonesty and makes light of the struggles and violence many LGBT people face in our country today. We already have enough cluelessness in Washington DC now; we do not need to add to that, we need to fight it.”

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