Tiger Army’s New EP DARK PARADISE Available Now

Tiger Army releases their EP "Dark Paradise" June 22 on Rise Records / Luna-Tone Records. 

The EP will be available on all major platforms and available on limited edition 7” vinyl in five different colors with variant album covers created by Linas Garsys.

The first single off Tiger Army’s EP, is a cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Dark Paradise” with the band’s midcentury-meets-punk touch. 
“Our music draws on 1950’s and 1960’s rock and roll as well as 70’s punk, so I wanted to create a cover of a song outside those realms, something that our audience wouldn’t expect,” Nick 13 said.
“I had been listening to a lot of surf and exotica in the last year, and those were big influences on the whole EP as well as the single. The idea came to me to reference the beginning of Johnny Reynold’s Endless Sleep in the beginning, and then the arrangement took off from there. There’s this kind of dance-y bridge in the original, and I heard the stand-up bass slapping there for our version,” Nick 13 said.
The aesthetic video for "Dark Paradise" uses vintage public domain footage, combined with images shot using cell-phone cameras by Nick 13 and Ashlyn Coco – the video’s creator – and filmed in Los Angeles and San Diego.
The EP also includes original track “Enchantment” and “Pipeline," the band’s take on the surf classic by The Chantays.

The EP was recorded in Los Angeles at Sunset Sound Studios and Kingsize Soundlabs.

The band will return to the recording studio to work on their sixth studio-length album to be released in 2019.