WAKE THE SUN Releases Their Long Awaited Album THROUGH THE NIGHT



On the heels of a successful EP release and tour, WAKE THE SUN is breaking new sonic ground with their new debut album releasing "Through The Night."

With an aggressive bluesy rock sound, in the vein of Rival Sons, The Black Keys and Cage The Elephant - WAKE THE SUN is ready to take their place in the forefront of the Rock N’ Roll music scene world-wide. 

The band is fueled by the ferocious vocals of Dillon Mealey (Vox/guitar), and driven by the onslaught of lead guitarist Tom Perrotta, the pounding rhythm of Jeff Alvarado (Bass) and Marco Gill (Drums). 

Producing this masterpiece is the amazing Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/ Beck/ Scott Weiland). 

The band has been winning legions of fans with its uncompromising stage show. Now they're unleashing an equally radical album.

WAKE THE SUN spent a long time on the road touring and writing for almost two years. 

The songs are inspired by many of the different areas the traveled. 
“This is a compilation of tracks that has evolved over two to three road-tested and labor intensive years,” lead singer Dillon Mealey said. “Being the primary songwriter, it’s emotional to go back, listening to the songs in succession while reliving the passions and sentiments I had when writing them. The album has a sweet mix of highs and lows. Starting off with the lead track 'Squeezebox,' which drives and wails with big drums and clanging guitars. Soon followed after by the drawn and anthemic '40 Days,' which embodies a lot of the imagery and verve of being on the open road, traveling cross country and the tribulations that follow. These two tracks sort of illuminates the vibe of the album... diverse but cohesive in that they manifest the perceptions of traveling in a van, for 7 weeks on end, through the night.”
For you NYC fans you can see them live at the Bowery Ballroom on July 6.

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