A 360° trip to unforgettable places

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Introducing the Montana 360° Video Experience

Travel is a way to discover incredible moments. 

A hike up a winding mountain trail delivers an indescribable view of seemingly endless green forests and towering rocky peaks. 

Following a path to stand over a city nestled in the protection of surrounding mountains offers a view of the infinite sky overhead. 

Sitting on the warm shore as the sun radiates off the crystal-clear waters of a lake creates a quiet moment of relaxation that has become challenging to find.

These moments are the perfect combination of surroundings and emotion, creating lasting memories that travel with you for a lifetime and immediately transport you back. 

There is one place you'll discover these moments. 

It's Montana.

To help travelers plan their trip, Visit Montana is excited to introduce the Montana 360° Video Experience. 

This footage features just a few of the many memorable views and experiences that can be found in Montana, and are a great way to take in Montana's spectacular beauty. 

Video locations include:
  • Mount Sentinel M Trail Overlook, Missoula: Gaze out over the city of Missoula surrounded by mountains and blanketed by endless skies from a tall overlook to feel the meaning of Big Sky Country. 
  • Blodgett Overlook Trail, Bitterroot Mountains: Take in breathtaking mountain vistas as you gaze over the green Bitterroot National Forest from the elevation of a mountain peak. 
  • Flathead Lake, Polson: Feel the sun warm your shoulders as it dances off the blue-green waters of one of the clearest lakes in the world. 
  • Whitefish Mountain Resort, Whitefish: Find outdoor adventure once the snow melts from the ski slopes to uncover lush emerald forests, mountain peaks with blue skies overhead, and trails waiting to be discovered. 
  • White Cliffs, Missouri River: Paddle down a historic river past white limestone cliffs as they illuminate the sun's rays and the current guides you through open grasslands. 
  • Makoshika State Park, Glendive: Hike through ravines filled with juniper shrubs, past unique rock formations as you explore the fossil-rich badlands of Montana's largest state park. 
You can access the 360° videos through the MontanaTV YouTube playlist:

As fall and winter season 360° videos are available, they will be added to this playlist, so make sure to check back for more incredible Montana footage.

Once you've taken in these amazing places on a screen, it will be impossible not to plan a trip to see them in person. 

Visit Montana is here to be your guide to countless in-person 360° views that await you across the state. 

You'll find endless ways to discover your #MontanaMoment with trip ideas and things to do while you're in Big Sky Country. 

When you're ready, Montana lodging options and other travel resources are available to book an adventure that's easy to get to but hard to leave.

About The Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development (MOTBD)
MOTBD markets Montana's spectacular unspoiled nature, vibrant and charming small towns, breathtaking experiences, relaxing hospitality and competitive business climate to promote the state as a place to visit and do business. For more information, go to VISITMT.COM.

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