Discover what Falco missed before it's premiere on July 22

Imagine waking up after 23 years and discovering a world where cassettes no longer exist, where everything that was once on paper is now digital, and where anything you want to know about someone is just a simple click away.

That’s the new world that Falco faces in the upcoming premium Series “Falco” from Telemundo premiering this July 22 at 9 p.m./8c.

In the series, Alejandro Falco is a young police officer who takes a shot to the head that leaves him in a coma for 23 years.

When Falco awakes, he soon discovers that in the time that passed, the world as he knew it has completely changed.

Falco's wife married another man and his daughter, who he last saw when she was 2 years old, is now a woman. And even worse, he’s slept through some of the most crucial moments in history.
The world Falco knows is one without the internet, without social media, and without smartphones.

All Falco has left is his intuition and his skills as a police detective.

To give you an idea of everything he’s missed out on, we put together a short list of everyday technology that he doesn’t even know exists.

1. iPods and Music Streaming
Remember when the only way to listen to your favorite songs was by playing a
cassette tape on your walkman? For Falco, it felt like yesterday! In 1994 there was no way to listen to music digitally. It wasn’t until 2001 when the first iPod and Nabster, the first music streaming platform, were introduced, allowing you to enjoy music in a whole new way.

2. Social Media
Another novelty Falco doesn't understand is social media, a way of connecting with friends, family, and even enemies – all via the web. Falco can now use social media to help him decipher and solve the crimes and cases he’s assigned.

3. Smartphones
It was only in 1996 that most people started finally owning a cellphone, but these weren’t the phones of today. They had long antennas and they didn’t fit in your pocket. But that all changed when the first iPhone launched in 2008, kicking off the era of smartphones that now have access to the internet, let you communicate via video, and even let you stream your favorite shows…

4. GPS
How did Falco navigate through the streets of Mexico City without GPS? During a high-speed chase, Falco and his partner didn’t have time to reference a map. At the beginning of the show you can see Falco struggle with this technology which is considered a basic necessity for any driver today. The first GPS was launched by Garmin in 2001 (check Garmin golf simulators as well), seven years into Falco’s coma.

5. Drones
Who shot Falco and sent him into a coma in the first place? Drones today serve as form of surveillance that wasn’t available in 1994. New technologies like drones help give crime solving a new perspective, one that Falco could use to solve the crimes ahead and could have helped him catch whoever shot him all those years ago.

Each episode will present a new crime for the detective to solve while trying to investigate what happened to him those two decades ago.

On Telemundo June 22 at 9 p.m./8c

Viewers can learn more about Falco at and on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @FalcoSerie, using the hashtag #Falco.