FOX+: We Interviewed Filipino First Respondents About Their Jobs

Procedural drama series 9-1-1 gives us a peek into the lives of first responders

We spoke to Filipino emergency response team members to get more insight on their demanding jobs

FOX+ presents 9-1-1. 

Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Tim Minear, the procedural drama focuses on Los Angeles first responders – cops, paramedics, firefighters, and dispatchers – and follows their high-pressure day-to-day lives as they are faced with high-stakes, daunting, and heart-stopping cases.

The show premiered early this year and stars a powerhouse cast, including Angela Basset, Peter Krause, and Oliver Stark amongst many others. In its second season, Jennifer Love Hewitt also joins the cast.

9-1-1 which is available on FOX+, has been met with positive reception, praised for its high-drama, strong cast, and thrilling action scenes that fans have found addictive. 

Viewers have called it a 'wild' show, addressing in particular its harrowing scenes and dramatic emergencies. 

But to balance out the fast-paced action, the show also shows a more honest side when viewers get to take a look into the daily lives and struggles of first responders when they try to balance their demanding jobs and their personal problems.

To give more insight on the lives of these heroes, here are two Filipino first responders on what it's like to have jobs as challenging as theirs.

1. Lester Ragadio -- EMT
Having been a first responder in the San Marcelino district hospital for 6 years, Lester shares that he chose this noble career for three reasons.

"One, it develops my clinical eye, diagnostic mind, and heart. Two, the job satisfaction is high. And three, it provides me and my family with what we need,"

Lester also shares that being an EMT really improved and enhanced his empathy, communication skills, and overall fitness -- all of these being extremely crucial in emergency situations. Being absolutely clear when you communicate, being strong enough for the physical strains of the job, and knowing how to deal with family members can mean the difference between handling the situation well or not.

When asked about some of the challenges of the job, Lester shares some points that the every day civilian may not consider when it comes to this job. "I face on-the-job hazards. I could be infected or harmed if I don't take the right precautions with patients when we sometimes have to contain diseases or have to restrain people," Lester says.

But over all, Lester believes that if your heart is in it, any one looking into the EMT career path should go for it. "This job is very challenging yet rewarding," he says. "Some times we can be confronted with emotional trauma but we are also building community connections."

2. Marvin Sanchez -- Fireman
Sanchez, who has been a fireman at Station 7, SBMA fire department for almost a decade, shares that serving people has always been something that he loved to do, and what better profession than firefighting to truly serve and protect.

"Through firefighting, I have become a better man. A man willing to do what needs to be done to help those in their time of need, no matter what time they need help," Sanchez says.

However, a career as noble as this does not go without its downsides. Witnessing tragedy after tragedy is one of the most difficult things about this profession, Sanchez confides, and it can quickly get draining. But at the end of the day, Sanchez believes it's one of the noblest professions that a person can devote himself or herself to.

"Being a fireman is a noble service profession. You must have courage, physical strength, and the ability to quickly assess a situation." Sanchez says.

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