From the Tech Industry to the Film Industry: Heath C. Michaels' New Flm THE WORLD OVER Premieres at the Bucheon Fantastic Fest

Filmmaker Heath Michaels distorts perceptions in his dark multiverse short film “The World Over”

Los Angeles-based filmmaker and game developer Heath C. Michaels brings to life "The World Over," a high-end short film that will challenge and mislead your perception of reality and temporality. 

Containing hints of horror, this multi-layered fantasy thriller will have its World Premiere at the 2018 BIFAN - Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in South Korea on July 15.

World Premiere
Screenings: 7/15 @ 18:00 • 7/19 @ 13:30 • 7/22 @ 11:00
Venue: CGV Sopoong 5, Bucheon, South Korea
Writer-director Heath Michaels and his wife, producer Heather Michaels, will be attending the Q&A.

When a couple discovers a door leading to a parallel world, they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous game of mistaken identity after coming face-to-face with mirror images of themselves. 

"The World Over" ingeniously shifts perspectives and skews perceptions until its unexpected twist. 

A cross-genre proof of concept for Michaels’ upcoming feature film of the same name.
“As a director, I wanted to bring a very personal fear, one of isolation, and tell a visceral story from that perspective,” director Heath Michaels said. “The multiverse really epitomizes the truest demonstration of that fear, because for someone who is isolated with themselves as their only company, I cannot imagine anything more horrific than being with more versions of yourself.”
"The World Over" was filmed over 9 days in Los Angeles, in the Michaels’ own West Hollywood home. 

The premise was inspired by Heath’s own loneliness experienced every time his wife Heather goes on weekly business trips. Starring up and coming actors Tess Granfield and Brett Keating, the film is written and directed by Heath Michaels and Produced by Heather Michaels and Richard J. Dubin. 

Cinematography by Greg LeFevre; Production Design by Emily Peters; Edited by Kevin Hickman; Original Music by Kays Al-Atrakchi, and Visual Effects by Jeremy Nelson.

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