Regarded as the Asian Grammy Award, GMA Ceremony and Festival gain International Recognition

The 29th Golden Melody Awards, broadcasted by Taiwan Television Enterprise Ltd., was successfully concluded on June 23.

The award ceremony and the accompanying performances was brought by a strong cast consisted of Jam Hsiao, A-mei, Eason Chan, JJ Lin, Lala Hsu and over a hundred other performers that received universal acclaim from industry professionals and organizers of international music festivals alike.

Thanks to the "Ministry of Culture's" efforts in promoting the GMA in recent years; Billboard Magazine's Tokyo bureau chief Rob Schwartz applauded GMA for the improvements in both contents and form in his writing; organizer of Canada's NXNE festival Michael Hollet praised GMA for the amazing production value, stating that it is indeed the Asian Grammy awards.

The GMA Festival was held between June 20-23 including the Conference, Biz Matching Center, Networking, Exhibition, Pitching, Showcase and the GMA Heat.

The conferences invited over 40 professional representatives, discussing musical trends and sharing experiences.

More than 1,500 people participated in the conferences.

GMA's partner festivals borne fruit in the form of this year's cooperation with international music festivals.

Lomosonic from Thailand, Bentham from Japan and the Swedish popular punk band the Magnettes performed in the Showcase.

Performances by a total of 8 sets of Taiwanese artists including No Party for Cao Dong, Sangpuy, Joanna Wang and Eric Chou during the concert were also applauded by the international festival programmers, with more than 2,000 people participating in the event.

A total of 387 foreign and local companies (321 local, 66 foreign), and 1,026 industry professionals attended the GMA Festival, with over 330 registered Biz Matching sessions and an estimated transaction value of 500 million NTD.

It was also the first time involving more than 1,000 industry professionals ever since the GMA Festival began in 2014.

The 29th Golden Melody Awards brought about a new wave of ideas, and facilitated many opportunities for trade and cooperation.

This year's GMA incorporated social media and developed appropriate materials for the official Facebook, Instagram and Weibo.

More than 1.85 billion views can be attributed to the tag #GMA on Chinese Weibo.

Sense of participation of the younger generation, influence and reputation of the GMA are enhanced.